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IPA Arbitration Week – 1st day

How can I find out which substitute lawyer will be attending the hearing? Once we have assigned you the substitute lawyer who will be in charge of the hearing and he has confirmed his attendance, you will be able to see his contact details and he will be able to see yours. In this way, you will be able to communicate any question you consider necessary for the correct development of the hearing.

How can I know how the hearing has been developed? Once the substitute lawyer has carried out the substitution of the hearing that you have entrusted to him, he will share in our application a report in which he will explain you how it has been developed. This report will always be available on the platform and you will also be able to download it. In this way, you will be able to have a record that it has been carried out and keep track of the procedure.

If you have any doubts about how the whole process of hiring a substitute lawyer works, below we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you prefer, you can also call us at the following telephone number and we will answer you immediately.

Legal advice for startups

The tax area of the firm provides a comprehensive advisory service in the tax area, both at corporate and personal level, guiding the client to an adequate determination and compliance with their tax obligations, in harmony with current legislation, implementing tax optimization strategies and economies of option in the development and reorganization of their businesses.

Likewise, in the face of tax contingencies, it considers the representation of the client before the administrative authorities, especially the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the judicial representation before the Tax and Customs Courts and the Superior Courts of Justice, counting with a vast and solid experience in matters of administrative and judicial challenge of liquidations and drafts.

This area incorporates services related to all types of civil and labor litigation, both in ordinary and special proceedings, at all stages of the procedure, from extra and pre-judicial advice, to the enforcement of sentences.

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Con el objetivo de ofrecer el mejor servicio al usuario y facilitar el uso del sitio web, se analiza el número de páginas visitadas, el número de visitas, así como la actividad de los visitantes y la frecuencia de uso. Para ello se elabora información estadística anónima, realizada para analizar la actividad de los usuarios dentro del sitio web, medir el tráfico y el rendimiento de la web, obtener la medición estadística y ofrecer un mejor rendimiento futuro.

Ponen a disposición del usuario contenidos y publicidad adecuada en la web y en las plataformas sociales en función de sus gustos y preferencias de navegación, pudiendo crear un perfil sobre usted y sus intereses, para mostrarle contenidos personalizados.

Criminalization of lawyers

The level of service is excellent. We are very pleased, mainly because of their deep knowledge of the Mexican market. They know the reforms that have taken place. They have experience and a recognized group of top-notch lawyers.

They are proactive, very proactive, and they have accelerated the process. They meet all the deadlines. Any date they commit to is the date they will resolve it. That’s very valuable. They help me a lot.

Without a doubt, they provide excellent, first-class service. They are professional, serious and provide quick responses. They stand out from the rest because of their reliability, responsiveness and highly trained staff.

Nora Morales is singled out by one of her peers for being completely dedicated to tax litigation matters. «She is one of the best tax litigators in the country,» further commenting: ‘She is very, very active in relevant cases and is highly regarded.

The client list includes major players in media and broadcast services. Garners praises her outstanding expertise in corporate transactions and compliance advice.